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Parts grip on GAZ-2410 and GAZ-3110 "Volga"

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Parts clutch for GAZ-2410 and GAZ-3110 Volga

On these vehicles give dry clutch and a single disc spring and hub vibration damper. The leading part of coupling includes a flywheel, a leading disk of coupling, which includes a housing, pressure plate and clutch lever off.

coupling device on the Volga

Stamped steel casing is attached to the flywheel with six bolts, in which between the thread and the head has a cylindrical band for the desired centering of the casing. For a better cooling of the flange and the side surface of the clutch casing has an adjoining slice 3, through which, in use circulation of air is carried out. On the side of the housing 3 is of rectangular windows uniformly arranged, which include three protrusion iron pressure plate

This connection ensures torque transmission through the casing on the pressure plate.; centering of the pressure plate relative to the housing, and suggests the possibility of axial displacements of the pressure plate relative to the flywheel when the clutch is disconnected. there are 9 pairs of compression springs between the housing and the pressure plate. In order to avoid jamming during compression of outer and inner springs produced with different directions of winding. Internal springs are centered with respect to the bosses on the pressure plate and the clutch casing collars, the outer relative to the inner springs. To protect the pressure springs against the harmful effects of heat which is released during the clutch slip, between the pressure plate and springs are located insulating asbokartonovye washers.

Three steel lever clutch are located in the slots guides the pressure plate lugs and by means of axes and needle bearings together with the pressure plate and the support forks hinged on the casing. On the threaded shanks of supporting forks are wound spherical nut, are pressed against the spherical surfaces on the housing conical springs located between the support fork and the housing. This articulation allows a swing of support forks, you need to compensate for the change of the radial distance between the axes of the arms during removal of the pressure plate.

Spherical nuts need more for the inner ends of the trip lever mounted on the same plane, forming the same the gap between the end of the arm and the end of the clutch release bearing. Unequal gap entails a pressure plate distortion while when you turn off the clutch - incomplete or non-fluent off switch. To avoid samootvertyvaniya spherical nuts at work, their raskernyayut in the slot on the threaded shank support forks.

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