Seeder universal SUPN

Spare parts to seeders for tillage equipment

Washer plated, banks, bunkers, seeding shafts, fans, plugs, screws, ducts, hoppers, agitators, bushings, wheels, earthing devices, valves, sprockets, toothed wheels, Cardan shafts, wheels packer, caps, fan housings, brackets, covers, backstage mechanisms tips natyazhniki axes, pneumatic lines, bearings, skids, gaskets, springs, heel, sockets, belts, rollers, fan rotors, levers, planter section alarm system, openers, hub, ties, tukoprovody, seeding templates, hinges, scales, pipes, rods, fittings, ejectors...

ᐉ Seeder universal SUPN from Motor-Agro

Parts seeders universal SUPN-SUPN 6 and-8

are used for sowing seed dashed maize, sunflower and other cultivated crops with simultaneous fertilizer separately from the seed. They used to work in all climatic zones except in the mountain areas zemlevozdelyvaniya. Teamed with their class 1.4 t tractors, such as overcurrent and UMZ. It can be equipped with the monitoring system of sharps process seeds and seed and fertilizer level in the hopper. Manufactured 8- and 6-sectioned. Width in this case is 5.6 and 4.2 meters. such items can be attributed to the benefits as ease of handling, ease of setup and ease of control of the sowing process.

The principle of the planter

With the help of the mechanism of transmission of the supporting-driving wheels is carried out semyavysevayuschih rotating discs and the screws spring fertilizer distributing apparatus. The vacuum in the cavity horseshoe sowing apparatus cover is formed by a fan which is driven by a hydraulic motor of the tractor, or by dilution of a special exhaust pipe. In order to control the values ​​of vacuum to the fan or the exhaust put control valves with diaphragm gauges, which indicate the pressure.

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