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The suspension on all models UAZ produced is entirely dependent (that is, both the front and rear axles are located). Until 1994 inclusive, all UAZ produced exclusively with leaf spring suspension. At the moment, "goats" (3151 *) off the belt with both the spring and vehicles with spring suspension.

The spring suspension UAZ

In the case of the spring suspension (these modifications further indexed -10) in front of the face of the spring with 2 longitudinal and first transverse bars, and in the rear portion - the so-called leaf springs consisting of 3-sheets. Carrying capacity of the machine in case of a spring suspension is 650 kg. The front shock absorbers in case the spring suspension shorter regular 25mm.

Leaf suspension UAZ

On cars with spring suspension in front of the placed 8 sheets, while the rear portion 7 in "civilian" version or the 9 "GAIN", "military" version. Load capacity in this case is increased by more than 200 kg, and the rear end is lifted more.
Civil bridges complement as the leaf spring (including reinforced) and the spring suspension. The usual military bridges put exclusively springs. Also worth mentioning is that in the model with long military bridges (UAZ-3159, "Bars" and 316 * with a broad base) put only spring suspension.

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