Bridge GAZ-2410 and GAZ-3110

Spare parts for bridges on the GAZ-2410 and GAZ-3110 "Volga"

Cartridges, wheel drives, differentials, crosses, bridge assembly, the half-seals...

ᐉ Bridge GAZ-2410 and GAZ-3110 from Motor-Agro

Spare parts for bridges for GAZ-2410 and GAZ-3110 Volga

Rear axle GAZ-24 includes a beam with a connector in the middle, the main transmission, differential and the half-line with the wheel bearing assembly. The left and right sides of the beam are the axle housing. Right casing is made from steel h/k pipe without heat treatment with an outer diameter of 76 mm, an embedded polished end in the rear axle housing. At the outer end of the pipe butt welding (with reflow) square forged welded flange. The left axle housing is made of a similar tube to which in addition to the outer welded More inner flange circular shape, which serves as a cover housing the main gear.

are present the inlet and discharge oil passages in the housing which supply and discharge the oil to the bearings and gaskets pinion. On top of the housing is the neck tide pinion. On his body hits the buffer rubber, which limits the convergence of the bridge and cardan with the body. Between the covers there are two seals of cable paper of thickness 0.11 mm. Thus when both gaskets are compressed their thickness is 0.16 mm. . On the covers welded onto pressed steel spring cushion and arm tee pipe brakes

Final drive GAZ-24

Transfer - hypoid, its pinion gear is shifted down relative to the driven gear axis by 42 mm . This solution increases the strength of the teeth and entail increased slip at all tooth surfaces. Hypoid engagement also reduces the level of transmission of noise, particularly at high speeds, but it needs special hypoid oil.

Pinion fixed bearing cantilevered manner, ie. E. Two of its bearing on the same side with respect to the toothed crown. To reduce the deflection of the shank of its toothed crown gear closest to the rear bearing. Number of teeth of the main gear 41 and 10, respectively, the gear ratio is equal to 4,1.

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