Classification and specifications of gear pumps (NS)

Gear Pump (PS) are used to discharge the working fluid in hydraulic systems of various devices of tractors, cars, agricultural and other machines. Depending on the purpose, and power class, are made with different NLS (4-250 cm3) working volumes and develop pressure (14,0-25,0 MPa) read more

The dimensions of the piston rings, crankshafts

The use of valves, piston rings Dimensions Dimensions crankshafts read more

Instructions for determining the bearing size

The first two digits on the right in the designation of the bearing is mainly determined by the dimension of the internal diameter of the hole. With a diameter of holes up to 20 mm the two rightmost digits are the following size ... read more

Learning how to read the symbols on the tires

The figure below shows all the symbols and their values ​​applied at the present time on the bus read more

Bearings UMZ

Bearings UMZ read more

GAZ-24 Bearings

GAZ-24 Bearings read more

GAS-53 Bearings

GAZ-53 Bearings read more

DON-1500 Bearings

DON-1500 Bearings read more

DT-75 Bearings

DT-75 Bearings read more

ZIL-130 Bearings

ZIL-130 Bearings read more

MTZ Bearings

MTZ Bearings read more

Bearings SC-5 Niwa

Bearings SK-5 Niva read more

Bearings T-150K

Bearings T-150K read more

Bearings T-16

Bearings T-16 read more

Bearings T-25A

Bearings T-25A read more

Bearings T-40A

Bearings T-40A read more

UAZ-452 Bearings

Bearings UAZ-452 read more

UAZ-469 Bearings

Bearings UAZ-469 read more

Bearings GAZ-3302 Gazelle

Bearings GAZ-3302 Gazelle read more

The use of drive belts

Drive belts for various machinery read more

Reference table sizes of V-belts

V-belts - reference table size read more

Classification belts

Drive Belts - classification read more
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