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TEKRONE® is a high-strength composite material belonging to thermoplastics, a material of the latest generation. TEKRONE® has excellent characteristics and unique abilities. First of all, I want to highlight high impact resistance, which is not lost even under the influence of low temperature regimes.

In addition, TEKRONE® composite material has a wide operating temperature range, especially below 0 °C. The material is able to maintain its inherent wear resistance even at the boiling temperature of helium at -268.9 °C. In the case of long-term operation, the maximum temperature is +80 °C.

The wonderful characteristics of the revolutionary material do not end there! Another one of them is a very high abrasion resistance. Even steel is twice inferior in this parameter!

An excellent sliding coefficient is also a distinctive feature of TEKRONE®. Possessing the property of self-lubrication, the material perfectly manifests itself in the so-called "dry sliding" applications, where it interacts in an exemplary manner with steel, copper and other materials.

The latter property makes TEKRONE® the only suitable material for applications where high wear loads are possible.

High-strength Tekron cannot be overestimated where low friction is required together with high resistance to dirt, dust, and abrasive particles.

If we are talking about mechanical engineering, then these are parts of machines and units, gaskets, rollers, liners, seals, bushings, couplings, blocks, screws, bearings, gears, gears, etc. In addition, it is a coating of containers, bunkers for transporting loose abrasive cargo.

In relation to the mining industry, this is the lining of bodies, buckets and conveyor belts.

Excellent resistance to shock loads and abrasion resistance can be successfully used in the manufacture of damper linings for mooring structures, fenders in dry docks, etc.

The material will also be useful for the chemical industry. The lining of containers, as well as pipes for transporting abrasive and aggressive materials, will be especially high-quality with the use of T TEKRONE®.

The material can be very useful in the sports field. Production of artificial ice rinks, ski pads, bumpers on ice rinks, ice arenas - these are just some of the examples of effective use of the material. Summarizing the above - it is difficult to find an area in which tekrone could not be useful, and in some cases - even indispensable!

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