Bridge front driving

Spare bridge front drive tractor T-40

Shafts plugs, bushings, differentials, wedges, rings, housings, brackets, cap holder, the axis of the transmission, a half-spring pawl, glasses , crackers, cases, hinges, gears...

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Parts front drive axle tractor T-40

The bridge is used to increase tractive effort, and increasing permeability on wet ground and on roads. The front axle comprises: razdatku, differential main suspension and final drive. The main gear is made of a front axle 2 with a circular bevel gear teeth. A pinion gear mounted in glass on two ball bearings. The driven gear is included in the assembly of the differential and is attached to the differential housing with bolts and pins.

The differential of the front axle makes it possible to rotate the drive wheels on one corner speed you need when driving on uneven surfaces, and at the time of the maneuvers. The housing front axle T-40 is equipped with a breather, which serves to support a stable pressure in the cavity of the differential, final drive and hoses. . Needle roller bearings, as well as cross cardan unified with the same sets of automotive vehicles GAZ

Reducer tractor's front axle T-40

He also transfer case - is necessary for the transmission of drive with manual front drive axle . The final transmission of the front axle is used to increase the torque and reduce the rotational speed, to give the front drive wheels 40 T-ASM, and T-40 AM. Finite audio transmission other than the one-stage reducer with spur gears. Front axle suspension in the T-40 AM need to improve ride comfort and reduce vibration. The bracket can be rotated, thereby the rotation of the front wheels is performed.

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