Parts in elevators for a harvester DON-1500

Woods, deck, bottom, sprocket, casings, housings, covers, blade, protection mechanisms, the sleeve, the axis of the spring, rotors, scrapers, Kit, conveyors , extension cords, pulleys, screws...

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Parts elevator harvester DON-1500

Grain elevator is on the right side of the thresher, with the aid of the bottom head is connected to a grain auger, while using the top - with inclined grain auger. Countershaft mounted thereon, from which a single chain loop rotation is transmitted to the bevel gear oblique grain auger and the upper shaft sprocket. After working branch scraper chain elevator rotation is transmitted to the sprocket shaft grain auger.

The rotation shaft counter grain elevator belt transmission is performed from the master counter from the right side of the thresher. On the counter shaft pulley mounted safety clutch, adjusted to the torque transmission 10kgs/m.

Return elevator is on the left side of the thresher. The upper shaft pulley mounted Return elevator overload coupling as well as the asterisk. Upper Return elevator shaft receives rotation from a rear counter and from there goes PTO Kolosov through screw conveyor chain and chain drive to the auger distributor finish threshing device. The guard yamufta adjusted to torque transmission 10kgs/m.

In the grain elevators and Kolosov applied standardized clutches, which differ only in the pulleys. Arising during the operation the gap in the area fit the upper and lower lids of elevators, as well as the housing attachment zone filling auger for the hopper should be sealed with sealant.

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