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it is a mechanical CPR with five stages, with PPC trohvalnoy fifth overdrive. In many ways, it is similar to CAT GAZ-3110 "Volga". The difference lies in the larger gear ratio in each gear except for the fourth, and in the high case shift lever and the longer the lower end of the lever

CPT consists of:.

The front and rear aluminum casings and connected through the gasket 10 th bolts perpendicular to the axis of the shaft. The bores in the crankcase radial ball bearings are primary, secondary, and intermediate shaft with the gear position. engagement with oblique teeth. Gear output shaft are arranged on needle roller bearings with plastic separators. Gear 2nd, 3rd, 5th drive gear and the intermediate shaft are pressed to the intermediate shaft and form the gear unit. The teeth of the first gear transmission and ZH They are at the intermediate shaft. Intermediate gear ZH gets rolling in all gears and neutral gear shift lever. Rests it on roller in a fixed axis, attached to the crankcase.

Transfer supplied with inertial synchronizers and gear rims are engaged with the gears by means of splines. the gear mechanism is made up of rods and forks with heads, in which grooves nach lower end of the shift lever. Fixing enable transmission occurs by means of spring-loaded balls. Locking device comprising a plunger 2 and the locking pin does not allow the inclusion of 2-transmissions at one time. shift lever device equipped with the damper, which prevents it from resonating with the high speed of the crankshaft.

The rear end of the secondary splined shaft engages with a sliding fork driveline. Fork shank enters the bushing extender stalebabbitovuyu rear crankcase CAT and moving in the sleeve and the splines of the output shaft and the axial movement compensating driveline during operation of the rear suspension. On a secondary shaft mounted lead screw gear needed speedometer drive.

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