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Clutch GAS-3302 is equipped with a dry, single-disk, permanently switched off clutch with hydraulic mechanism. Includes a housing made of aluminum, the clutch off together with the bearing and fork, the master and slave drives, main and working cylinders, which are connected to a hose and tube. In case the engine ZMZ-406 equipment and UMP-4215 give exclusively with the clutch diaphragm spring. In the case of motor ZMZ-402 can be set as the aperture, and a spring-lever clutch.

Drive plate (clutch basket)

Includes a diaphragm casing. a spring support ring and the pressure plate. Spring standing on the casing, the end presses on the pressure plate.

The slave disk

Submitted hub with a splined bore and 2 discs with springs riveted to one of them. On both sides put the friction linings. Leaf springs with bends, make it possible to better adhere the disk and smooth jerks in the drive train when the clutch is engaged. For a smoother torque transfer during the beginning of the movement or shift gears to drive the window put a damper spring.

The slave drive is pressed by a pressure plate of the basket. Through the friction linings which enhance the friction torque is given to the driven disc and further the primary Transmission shaft to which the clutch disc is connected spline.

In order to temporarily release the engine to the transmission, there clutch actuator. While pressing the clutch pedal, the clutch piston HZ moves forward. The displacement fluid that is displaced by the tube and the hose enters the slave cylinder, thereby pushes therefrom piston with a rod.

rod acts on the shank forks which turning on the ball joint, its other end sliding on the bearing cap gearbox clutch coupling. Bearing sleeve pressing on the end of petals of the diaphragm spring. Deformed, the spring ceases to press the pressure plate which, in turn, "releases" the slave and the return torque is completed.

is covered by the crankcase sump with the pallet in the outer portion of the clutch mechanism (ZMZ-402 UMP-4215) . Carter by means of bolts 6 and 2 amps is fixed to the cylinder block. On the reverse side to the crankcase 4 are screwed for fixing studs CAT. On the housing there is a place for planting the clutch slave cylinder and the window for the plug assembly. To stiffen the bottom placed power.

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