Spare parts to the pick-up for combine harvester NIVA

Cartridges, track, tape, spring clamps, pulleys...

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Spare parts for pick-harvester NIVA

Pick-up is required for the selection of rolls provided separately combining. Platform baler includes a platform, a spacer, pickup and drive mechanism.

Workflow picker

harvester moves along the rows so that the roll is between the support wheels in the middle of the pickup width. Picked fingers lift up roll combing stubble and then moved to a grain auger weight. When the mass collected, selects fingers come into sliding contact with the edge steblesoma and is cleaned from the stems. Normalizer grips with the fingers conveyed to the grain mass and moves it under the auger platform. Then grain mass by a screw moves at the beater spacers, whereupon the conveyor feeder is fed into the thresher. The apparatus, as well as workflow platform processes and apparatus are the same header. The difference lies in the absence of reel cutting unit, as well as a balancing mechanism. . Spacer device and the assignment is similar to the header except that it is rigidly attached to the platform

Pick - a hinged bonding conductor with a platform conveyor with a balancing device that relies on the wheels. The conveyor includes a frame, roller drive shaft, a conveyor belt and the mantle steblepodemnik. Chain tension is regulated by means of tension bolts. The balancing device comprises a rod with two tension springs which normalizer Port pins with platform girder wind shield. The magnitude of loads is regulated wheel nuts by changing the tension of the springs inside the cage. Each holder has a lock which closes the cage in the transport position, thus eliminating the build-up pick-up during the combine movement. Transported to the open ring and the running rollers with the selection of the closed cage, thereby causing failure of the harvester.

Articulation unloading device cranks normalizer allowing to fix it in the open position and the tuck fingers normalizer grain mass to a transport stream. pickup actuator comes from kontrprivodnogo shaft receiving rotation from the driveline. conveyor drive receives from the propeller shaft by means of a universal joint.

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