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GAZ-2410, designed for the middle class, manufactured gas. Produced between 1985 and 1992. At its core, the GAZ-2410 is converted GAZ-24 on the basis of a deep modification of GAZ-3102, due to the ban on the release of the last great series. Production of the vehicle fell into a period of restructuring in the state, and that was the further prerequisite that the car remained in the history of the Soviet car industry as the "Volga" for mass, free sale.

This car was quite good quality assembly with previously deserved reputation reliable vehicle. There were different versions: GAZ-2411 "Taxi" GAZ-12 "Universal" GAZ-2413 "The ambulance". There were also small-scale issues for a variety of purposes. All with konveoyera GAZ descended about 400 thousand cars of different modifications.

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