Brake, PTO Attachments

Parts for brakes, power take-off shaft, attachments for tractors UMZ-6

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ᐉ Brake, PTO Attachments from Motor-Agro

Parts for brakes, power take-off shaft, attachments for tractors UMZ-6

The tractor UMZ adapted to work with attachments, semi-mounted and trailed special types of work in the s/s, and to drive the the movement of individual elements of stationary machines and for the performance of different transport tasks. On UMZ-6 has a rear power take-off shaft (PTO) with a velocity component 557 rev/min, in the latest models put 2 speed (557 rev/min and 1000 rev/min). PTO drive receives from its clutch is part of the main. PTO clutch control and mainly carried out a pedal that can be emphasized as a feature. First, primarily off the main clutch, and only after the PTO.

The brake system of tractor UMZ-6

Service brake required to reduce speed and stops at the desired efficiency. The parking brake is required to maintain stationary while parked on a slope or on a flat surface. Auxiliary brake system required for long-term support for constant speed on an incline. In cases of failure of the service braking system as replacement brake system for braking is present. On tractors UMZ-6 put the shoe or disk brake.

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