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Zil-single disc clutch 130, Zil-157K, Zil-131

ZILa clutch transmits torque to 41 kgm. Prefabricated pressure plate together with the housing to put the flywheel using 8-centering bolts, cervical 10,000-9,942 mm diameter and 12.5 mm in length. The torque from the housing to the driven disc clutch pressure plate is given by 4 pairs of spring plates. On the pressure plate are mounted on the lever arm 4 which, based on their median swinging fingers disposed in the support forks. The support fork fixed to the casing by means of adjusting nuts. In order to reduce friction fingers levers and plugs run on needle bearings, in that during laying clutch assembly lubrication.

clutch pressure force is produced by means of springs 16 disposed between the clutch housing and the pressure plate. By the spring by the pressure plate enclose insulating washers. Pressure plate assembly to the housing in a static manner is balanced to within 90 gsm.

The slave disk made of steel, with riveted friction linings and the hub comprises a torsion vibration damper a friction type, which consists of 8 springs to the base plate and 2 absorber discs. The clutch disc assembly in a static manner balance with an accuracy of 25 gsm. Bearing clutch clutch - closed design. On disconnecting the clutch bearing by pressing the inner ends of arms 4, and the outer ends of the pressure plate is withdrawn from the flywheel. Between the clutch housing and its lid 131 put ZILe gasket.

underneath the front end of the clutch housing is rubberized flap, which closes in the clutch housing. Shield secured to the clutch housing 2 and the bolt is urged into the lower cylinder block projection plane at the front of the cover clutch housing. During assembly, you must first screw bolts panel before connecting the bolt head with Grover, do not tighten them tightly, and then tightening the screws on the cover clutch housing, and even after tightening the bolts panel.

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