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Oil Gear pumps are necessary to pump petroleum products and other liquids, which have the ability to grease without mechanical impurities and do not cause corrosion of the working bodies of pumps.

pumps W types NMSH, NMSHF formed as volumetric pumps. Gears perform the role of the working bodies. During rotation of the gears on the suction side there is a vacuum, and then the liquid in consequence of the pressure drop fills a cavity between teeth displaced to the pressure side and then forced into the discharge nozzle

Explanation of symbols pumps:.

  • NMSH - paws
  • NMSHF - on lamps
  • NMSHG -. heating or cooling of the pump housing

NMSH pumps fluid having a viscosity in the range of from 0.018 to 0-4 * 22,00x10-4m2/s (1.8 cSt to 2,200 cSt) at temperatures up to + 70 °. The lower limits of the viscosity limited lubricity of the pumped liquid and the upper limited by the power of the electric motor and the suction pump capacity.

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