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The drums, shafts, bushings, sprockets, buckets, cases, crosses, impeller, cap, cams, clutch plates, axles, coupling halves, frames, gears, repair kits, sieves, scrapers, wheel hub, belts, fasteners, gears, pulleys, wedges, brush...

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Spare parts and accessories for Zernometatel

Throwers of grain c electric drive designed for loading grain in the vehicle, mechanical shoveling and the forming clamps grain on the open currents in granaries.

The design description Machine Zernometatel

Includes a frame with undercarriage, a conveyor for loading with 2 T-shaped arrangement of feeders; a rotary frame on which is set the trimmer mechanism movement and control panel

Frame -. is welded, fastened 3-wheeled. Rear-wheel drive, leading coupling parts connecting with the axes. Disabling coupling occurs during Transportation Zernometatel manually, towing and turns on the turns. In front of the fifth-wheel mounted through forward running.

Component trimmer housing structure includes two rigid side walls with their housings fixed in the bearing cap and the drive drum. Trimmer assembly is mounted on a pivoting frame ZM and fixed to its longitudinal corners. Rotating trimmer performed manually with pom. arm with a clamp to the desired recline lift sock. At the plate frame is mounted post. closed brake to lock the swivel frame. samoperedvizheniya mechanism comprises a stroke control gear lever, the electric motor and V-belt transmission. In order to start and stop the motor at the set ZM controls.

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