Parts on stacker for harvester DON-1500

The shafts, bushings, tine body, fingers, bearings, crackers, pulleys...

ᐉ Harvester-stacker from Motor-Agro

Spare parts for harvester stacker for DON-1500

stacker harvesters DON required when collecting the straw and chaff, forming stacks and its discharge. The camera includes two side walls, the bottom with your fingers, unloading valve and bars. Stacker completed solomonabivatelem - and polovonabivatelem filling chamber for discharging stacks -. Slam-discharging device and the mechanism of forced valve closing

The teeth rake solomonabivatelya with rotation of the crankshaft are moving on a trajectory in the form of an elliptic curve, capturing straw, with button shaker, and send it into the chamber. Podpressovochnaya camera output is reduced to its parts and the straw is compressed in this state. It resets the camera. Cantilever beams do not allow the comb to expand.

Polovonabivatel solomonabivatel serves as chaff and sboiny supply to the front part, because of this sboina chaff and not mixed with straw. For air filled in the discharge stacker provided hatches.

Degree compact straw limit max in the chamber. rot. point, which is adjusted slip clutch mounted on the drive shaft. With overflow stacker triggered switching off the drive coupling. With filling straw stacker sensor deviates back and reaching the upper point activates elektrozolotnik control valve so that the heavy oil may be fed into the GC. When the lever through the thrust lever and removes the latch rod, the retaining flap and a bottom, and includes unloading mechanism stacks. Bottom and rotated by means of traction opens the valve. Thumbs down on the field, straw stubble engages with fingers are removed from the stacks, thus leave mop (during unloading stacks harvester is in motion). Sensor descends from the top of stacks and includes hydraulic cylinders, and a bottom return valve in the closed position. Basically, the sensor is used for discharging the first ryadya stacks.

Adjustments stacker follows. Rotating screed make the gap between the trailing edge and the leading edge of the tray bottoms obtained within 10-40 mm. During the spring tension, you need to follow to its length in the closed condition of the bottom does not exceed 630 mm. Hook latch must be free to enter the rear of the valve hook. For this purpose and regulated length rods.

moving plate straw discharge gap between shields and keys and tooth between the flap and the tine receives a value from 5 to 10 mm). Volume changes position staples stacks of electromagnets sensor alarm filling stacker. During wet cleanups grain mass with weeds and adjusting bracket fastened corresponding minimum volume stacks, and in the case of cleaning with normal bread moisture corresponds to the maximum volume of stacks).

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