Parts for beet harvesting machinery RKS-6

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ᐉ RKS-6 from Motor-Agro

Spare parts for sugar beet harvesting machines RKS-6

An obligatory condition while collecting beet is its removal of root vegetables, for that use of PKC-6, used in similar KC-6B purposes. Produce on the basis of MTZ-80, with the front axle, the rear wheels, and other assembly units.

Includes left and right movable frame with digging up working bodies as active tapered roller forks, diskoprutkovyh kornezabornikov with spring-loaded legs and lobed Bitter-pushers, biterny conveyor, screw cleaner, longitudinal, transverse, and unloading conveyors.

The machine is also equipped with an automatic driving-Mami of order and control over the work from the Department. slave. authorities. It differs from the KC-6B mostly construction digging out the device.

they dig, lift and withdraw the roots from the soil by means of rotary plugs, which are the two rotating cones in different directions, to the bottom in the cylindrical rough. Cones are arranged to one another at an angle form the sockets. Root vegetables falling into the funnel, is captured by a rotating conical plugs, gets them out of the soil and sent to the rotating kornezabornikam. From bar kornezabornika raised roots with the help of rotating beater blades to shafts and biternogo conveyor Cleaner.

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