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Spare parts MTZ-80 tractor rear axle, MTZ-82, MTZ-1221

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ᐉ Rear Axle from Motor-Agro

Spare rear axle for MTZ-80, MTW-82, MTW-1221

This arrangement is nothing but a tractor unit interconnects the rear wheels of the tractor. It consists of the rear axle differential, the final and main transmission. With Trailing occurs fastening to the tractor frame or the carrier to its body, it serves extremely reliable support. Rear Axle need to transmit torque from the output shaft located longitudinally through the main gearshift transmission and differential on the half-line and final drives fitted with the hub of the drive wheels

The main transfer -. A pair of bevel gears with spiral teeth. the number of gear - 3.42 (41:12). A pinion gear mounted to the cantilevered end of the secondary splined shaft PPC then fixed nut, wound on the shaft with a threaded shank. The driven gear is connected to the flange of the body of the differential by means of bolts and nuts which pairs Contra unbendable plates

Differential -. Is nothing but a planetary gear, the desired distribution let down torque on the axis and rotate the drive wheels with varying intensity at bends and stretches of road on which there are irregularities.

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