Tractor T-40

The tractor is designed for agricultural operations with mounted, semi-mounted and trailed agricultural implements and general-purpose machines, vehicles and various works at the hospital.

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Parts and items to wheeled tractors T 40AM and T-40nm

tractor T-40M and T-40AM have two complete and C1 and C2 are universal tractors wheels 0,9:

  • C1-T40M with two driven rear wheels and starting from electric diesel;
  • C2-T40M with two driven rear wheels and running on diesel power unit;
  • T 40AM C1 with four driving wheels and with running of a diesel engine from the electric starter;
  • T-40AM C2 with four driving wheels and with running diesel starter unit;
  • T 40ANM C1 nizkoklirensny with four drive wheels and running on diesel elekrostartera. This tractor is for performing complex works Hey, general purpose work on the slopes of transportation to 16º, has a high resistance.

40AM tractor T C1, T C2-40AM and T 40ANM C1 have high permeability and are different from the tractor T-40M TM-C1-C2 and the presence of the front axle. Front axle, turns on and off automatically depending on driving conditions.

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