Transmission drive

Parts for drive transmission for a harvester DON-1500

vakuumetry, shafts, bushings, hydraulic pumps, drive enclosures, couplings, feed pumps, natyazhniki, ropes, pulleys, hoses,...

ᐉ Transmission drive from Motor-Agro

Parts drive transmission for harvesting DON-1500

Volumetric hydraulic actuators GTS-90, GST-112, are necessary to return the motor movement to the undercarriage with infinitely adjustable speed and rods with manual control condition and for driving executive el-ing building, road, communes. et al. of domestic and import vehicles. There are variations with conical, cylindrical and splined output shaft end performances

The hydraulic drive (hydrostatic transmission GTS) -. Are devices required for operating machinery, equipment and fur-zmov using hydraulic power. The pump and the hydraulic motor are the main components of the GTS.

It is a sort of "hydraulic paste" engine drive and machine or mechanism, and performs the same functions as mechanical transmission (gearbox, belt drive, crank mechanism and et al.). Home GTS destination as mechanical transmission -. Is conversion of mechanical characteristics of the driving motors respectively demand loads (. Convert movement type engine output link and its parameters, adjustment, overload protection, etc.)

The role of the drive motor of the pump can perform an electric motor, a diesel engine and others, in this regard volumetric hydraulic drives are such names as electropump, etc. dizelnasosny

main advantages: the ability to transform the universal mechanical characteristics of the drive motors relative load requirements;. ease of management and automation; ease of protection of the driving motors and working techniques organs against possible overloads; large range of infinitely variable speed of the output link; It gives more power to the unit. mass actuator; Grease surfaces exposed to abrasion using mineral oil as the working fluid.

Now it is difficult to remember the art, which would not have employed a hydraulic actuator. Efficiency together with a wide range of technical features are its almost universal unit for mechanization and automation of various technological processes.

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