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Inserts the crankshaft (crankshaft)

Refills - a half-ring made of metal which is slightly softer than that used for the production of the crankshaft and has a n anti-friction coating. During continuous operation it inserts the first fail and not the neck.

Appointment liners crankshaft

At its core is a plain bearings for the rods which rotate the crankshaft acting on his energy microburst in chambers combustion cylinders. In this a large-me rotational speed and load on large nodes in this regard and there is a need to reduce friction sharp parts, otherwise the engine to fail. In order to reduce friction forces all mating parts of the engine comprise a "mist", being micron thin film produced using the spec. with-us lubrication.

Types liners crankshaft

Connecting rod inserts as previously mentioned, are located in the space between the connecting rods, crankshaft and journals, and the root perform a similar role, but installed between the crankshaft and the place where the crankshaft passes through the motor housing. Each engine has its liner sizes. Diameter of repair liners differs from the diameter of new increments of 0.25 mm. This also formed the model number of inserts each subsequent larger in diameter than the previous one by a predetermined step.

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