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ᐉ D-65 from Motor-Agro

Parts engine D-65 for tractors range UMZ-6

This engine is of diesel type is a four-stroke, piston, with four vertically arranged cylinders in-line manner, combustion, and direct injection of diesel fuel and ignited he compression.

engine Specifications D-65 to UMZ-6

engine power is from 30 to 77 kW (60 horsepower), the number of revolutions from 1500 to 2000. to start D65-H and D-50L used starter motor. In engines D65-M and A-50 are used for this purpose an electric starter. On all of these engines can be seen similarities units. The power supply system and a starting device D-50 and D-50L located on the left side of the engine in turn to M-D65 and D65-N data units are to the right. Now it was discontinued the release of D-65. Previously, it was set at UMZ tractors LTZ for diesel power plants, as well as a variety of motor boats.

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