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is needed to supply a diesel cylinders under predetermined pressure and at the right moment required precisely metered fuel portions that correspond to the data loads. By means of injection of isolated fuel pumps and the direct action of the battery injection. In the case of direct action occurs mechanical drive plunger and injection processes vprysknye. In each cylinder of the fuel pump section submits the required fuel portion. Movement of the plunger pump creates the desired spray pressure

diesel injection pump -. is the most complex fuel system assembly

There are inline, V-shaped (multisection) and distribution. The terraced embodiment pumping sections arranged one behind the other, and each delivers the fuel at a certain engine cylinder. The distributor injection pump (mono- and di- plunger), one pump section directs fuel in several cylinders of the engine.

Fuel pump directs fuel to the pump in a larger amount than required for the operation of a diesel engine. Excess fuel drain stub is sent back to the tank. Solenoid valve, in turn, need to stop the diesel engine. With the turn of the position of key "off" valve stops the fuel supply to the plunger pair, hence the cylinders of tractor diesel engine, which is necessary to mute the power unit.

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