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Plunger pair

Plunger couple - includes a sleeve and a plunger itself. The plunger is an elongated plunger slightly cylindrical in shape. During operation, the piston moves in the sleeve. In consequence of its reciprocating movement occurs after the injection and suction of fuel. It contains special holes in the sleeve through which fuel is supplied to the discharge. The plunger acts as a valve regulating the quantity of fuel delivered.

This implies that it is used for the metering of a precise amount of fuel to supply to the engine cylinders, and moreover with its help pump generates the necessary pressure opr . moment. In order to ensure quality such tasks during the operation of diesel engines PP must fulfill such requirements as an exception likelihood of fuel leakage. That the provision of this requirement, the gaps between the plunger and the sleeve is made minimum, within 1-3mkm. Such a gap is provided by selecting each plunger is individually to the sleeve and then already fitted to each other. Also sleeves and plungers surface harden to a very ultra-high hardness to ensure durability. As a result, the plunger sleeve are a pair of precision, capable of providing a large injection pressure along with the mobility of the plunger inside the sleeve.

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