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The generator consists of a stator, the rotor, the excitation coil, the front and back covers, the rectifier, the drive pulley and the impeller. The stator consists of a stack of steel plates. On the inner surface of the stator teeth 10 are located with stator windings on each coil. In phase two serially connected coils. The ends of the output phase conductors of flexible cable lugs.

Rotor manufactured as a six-pointed star made of steel plates and the shaft for compression. The rotor shaft is located in the ball bearings closed design disposable grease. In the front end of a shaft mounted drive pulley to which is attached an impeller for cooling the generator and behind an impeller cooling the rectifier unit. For this purpose, also located on the housing rib. The excitation winding joined to the front cover. One end of it is fixed to the additional terminal of the generator and output voltage regulator and the other to terminal

voltage regulator.

Block rectifier mounted on the rear cover and consists of a power and additional rectifiers of the voltage regulator unit and the switch margin of seasonal regulation voltage " WINTER SUMMER". Structurally, power and additional rectifiers set in one korpusі. a voltage regulator and a switch unit disposed on the lid.

5 reverse polarity rectifier diodes are fixed in the housing and a plate 5 straight polarity diodes. Insertion of diodes are connected by a bus phase terminals of the stator windings. Conclusions reverse polarity diodes are connected to the mass and direct polarity diodes with a lead terminal of the generator.

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