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Spare parts for tractor equipment attachments T 40

The shafts, forks, hubs, cranks, brackets, clutches, axles, cross, gears, braces, levers, rods...

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Spare parts for equipment hinged back of the tractor T-40

The back of the tractor T-40 is needed to connect the mounted semi-mounted machines, various accessories, thereby ensuring their correct transport and working positions. Rear linkage is a hinge mechanism having a center and a pair of longitudinal rods. Brace longitudinal rods are connected to the levers located on the shaft, which is also worth a crank connected to the hydraulic cylinder.

The equipment is lowered and lifted by a hydraulic cylinder, and its true position is achieved by adjusting the top link with braces. Attachments sealed with ball joints facing the rear of the pair of lower longitudinal rods and the central rod. The front ends of the longitudinal rod is pivotally secured to an axis passing through the holes the transmission case.

Front hinge rod is mounted on the central bolt in the bracket. By means of bracing rods attached to the longitudinal levers which are planted on the slots in the rotary shaft. At the longer end of the shaft splined left crank is also located, which is connected to a fork rod of the hydraulic cylinder. The second end of the hydraulic cylinder is connected to the bracket. The shaft of the lift arms can be scrolled within the bushings mounted in the bore of the bracket.

The principle of tractor attachments action of T 40

When the rod out of the cylinder it rotates the shaft and levers acting on the struts, which raise the longitudinal traction and equipment hinge on them. On the reverse go down rod equipment.

There is a possibility of connecting the lower fork brace and longitudinal rods with a bolt that is placed in the slot or plug the hole. The plug is placed into the slot only when the tractor is attached to a wide gripping tools that are fitted with support wheels. In this case, the unit can copy the topography of the field throughout the working width. In other cases, the lower fork brace bolted to longitudinal thrust.

In order to limit the transverse displacements of agricultural equipment during periods of work or transport use locking thrust. Traction allow adjustment of the length and hooked at one end to the longitudinal tie rods, and on the other by locking brackets.

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