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Cametet is a Canadian manufacturer specializing in spare parts for agricultural machinery (John Deere, Case, New Holland, Bobcat).

The production facilities that Cametet works with are located all over the world, but all control is carried out from Canada. The product quality meets all the requirements of the US and Canadian markets.

👉 CAMETET is a popular manufacturer of spare parts for agricultural machinery (agro spare parts) under its own brand, both in the local markets of the countries where production facilities are located, and in the global market of after-sales service of agricultural machinery (aftermarket auto parts). ). The history of the brand is many years old, and the quality of spare parts complies with international standards of production quality management and management, confirmed by ISO 9001, IATF and ISO 9002 SGS certificates. When packaging third-party products for the European market under the CAMETET brand, the packaged components comply with the requirements of European standards ISO/TS 16949, TUF and ECE-90R. The products of the company's own brand have taken a strong place in the volumes of the Ukrainian and world market for sales of components for tractors and combines (agro parts).

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CAMETET (KAMETET) - information about the manufacturer

✅ Summary of brand information:

  • Description, reviews about CAMETET
  • Characteristics and applicability
  • Authentication
  • Price list and part numbers
  • Where to buy this brand in Ukraine

CAMETET reviews

✅ Reviews about CAMETET spare parts, namely about those components that our customers ordered, are mostly positive. Buyers confirm that the quality and performance characteristics of the parts of this brand are quite high, and the prices are normal when compared with analogues of other manufacturers on the shelves in Ukrainian stores.

✔️ According to the manufacturer CAMETET, the reviews of drivers are the same:

  • spare parts with an adequate price;
  • normal quality;
  • and a reasonably good lifespan.

💡 According to experts, if you follow the service recommendations of the CAMETET brand, change them in time according to the regulations, then the resource of the components of this company may exceed the limits of the warranty period.

⛔ Negative reviews about CAMETET, which are sometimes found, are most often associated with:

✔ Buying fake parts of this brand.

✔ Incorrect installation of the part.

✔ Operation in extreme conditions:

  • bad road surface;
  • great fluctuations in external temperature and humidity;
  • permanent overload of agricultural machinery;
  • poor quality fuel;
  • wrong oil;
  • violation of the scheduled terms for the replacement of oils, fluids and components;
  • continuous over-revving and overheating of the engine;
  • Jerking - constantly hard braking or accelerating.

💡 In such adverse conditions, the operational life of the components will be much lower than the standard.

Characteristics of CAMETET spare parts, applicability

✔️ This brand fits:

  • for intensive work of agricultural machinery;
  • for short- and medium-term operation above the normal operating range;
  • for lengthy jobs.

💡 However, the safety margin and resource of CAMETET, according to experts, may not be enough. In this case, it is worth considering the premium series of this brand or look towards expensive specialized brands and the original.

Production country CAMETET, quality difference

❗ When buying CAMETET spare parts, many people are interested in the country of manufacture, the geographical location of the plant.

✔️ There is a misconception that the products of the factory, which is located in the homeland of the brand, are higher in quality, which means it is better than components manufactured at factories of the same brand, but in other countries. Therefore, buyers of spare parts are often interested in:

❓ Which is better - CAMETET spare parts produced at your own factory or at a foreign one?

📌 We argue that it doesn't matter. No matter in which state and on which continent the CAMETET plant is located where the products are manufactured, be it in Europe, Asia, America or Japan - the quality and technical characteristics of the same part will be identical at all these enterprises. Since all factories of the brand have uniform quality standards that are constantly monitored by the parent company with confirmation by specialized agencies.

📚 To search for numbers and parameters of spare parts, the manufacturer issues an electronic catalog with the characteristics of CAMETET spare parts with quarterly updates. Information about articles linked to construction numbers and analogues of other brands is submitted for inclusion in parts selection catalog by brand. To shorten the path from the conveyor to customers, the company is expanding its logistics network in Europe and expanding its dealer network in Ukraine.

Protection against fake CAMETET, how to distinguish counterfeit

💡 A fake CAMETET can also be found on the market, which is difficult to distinguish from the original for a non-specialist. Therefore, if you take this brand not in our company, pay close attention to:

  1. The quality of the branded printing of the packaging and labeling sticker, the distinctness of the contours and the compliance with the color scheme of the trademark. Take a look at the embossing and varnishing on cardboard, the holographic mark, the possible infrared marks that are applied to the surface of parts and the packaging of some brands.
  2. Completeness of the package, including the presence of a product passport in the box.
  3. Small details that can reveal a fake - the quality of metal, plastic and rubber casting, the accuracy of joints and the quality of edge processing, the clarity of the hallmark and engraving of the article and brand logo on the surfaces of spare parts. The metal and plastic of branded spare parts are processed with high quality, and the rubber has a clear casting outline and, as a rule, there is no sharp unpleasant smell inherent in cheap copies from China.
  4. Control of the index of the country of origin, onon the barcode of the spare part and checking the QR code for compliance with the characteristics and description specified on the official website of CAMETET.
  5. It is not superfluous to check the CAMETET barcode of which manufacturer's country is indicated on the packaging sticker and compare with the information printed on the inner packaging, the surface of the spare part and on the box - there should be no discrepancies. Except when you take a kit consisting of several parts (for example, a clutch or timing belt kit), where each of the parts can be produced in different factories and even third-party brands.

🛡️ The Motor-Agro store sells certified products that are covered by the CAMETET manufacturer's warranty (official supplier, importer).

✔️ You can find out the distinguishing features of a fake, download a PDF catalog or get online access to spare part numbers and article numbers of analogues of this brand, on the website of the official dealer You can also download cross-country parts for CAMETET on the website.

Where to buy CAMETET spare parts in Ukraine?

✔ Many sell CAMETET spare parts, but few give an honest price. In addition to the price, I am interested in quality, warranty and availability of parts in a warehouse in Kharkov. The Motor-Agro online store cooperates with official suppliers and direct importers who supply components of original origin and comply with regulatory requirements. Spare parts can be returned within 14 days.

✔ On the website, you can order analogues that correspond to the construction number, but cheaper, as well as order the selection of CAMETET spare parts by wine code.

✔ Buyers are often interested in: "CAMETET - what kind of company is it? In which country is it produced, how does it work? Which spare parts are better - CAMETET or an analogue of another company?" - These questions for our clients have not been raised for a long time. The buyer votes with his wallet, and we advise and help you choose.

🔺 If you have any questions - call to our managers.

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