Brakes GAZ-3302 Gazelle

Spare parts for the brake system on the GAZ-3302

Drums, bushings, cylinders, brakes, couplings, base, fingers, springs, switches, repair kits, braces, supports, cables, cylinders, hoses .. .

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Parts brakes for GAZ-3302 Gazelle

in the brake system Gazelle apply hydraulic brake comprising a two-chamber vacuum booster and the master cylinder.

Brakes GAZ-3302 It consists of:

  • brake fluid reservoir
  • 2-chamber vacuum booster pushrod
  • the brake pedal
  • switch sensor signal inhibition
  • master cylinder
  • front and rear contour of the brake pipe
  • caliper of the front wheels to the bracket
  • brake disc of the front wheel
  • signaling emergency falling fluid level
  • parking brake and sensor
  • rope adjustable handbrake
  • equalizer handbrake
  • rear cables
  • brake drum pads rear wheels
  • cylinder
  • axle housing
  • loading spring
  • regulator pressure
  • brake pad

It can be seen Thu of such a system is a mixed type - front-wheel disc brakes manner, and the rear roll method. Front wheels are provided with holes for cooling of the braking time. The rear brake cylinder is equipped with 2 pistons and automatic adjustment of clearance between the drum pads. The maximum wear amount should not be more than 283 mm. On top of the brake mechanism is eccentric to adjust the pads at the time of their replacement.

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