Engine SMD-21 NIVA

Spares engine SMD-21 harvester NIVA

Woods, mufflers, housings, housings, clutch housings, radiator pipes, radiator, turbocharger, tubes, centrifuge...

ᐉ Engine SMD-21 NIVA from Motor-Agro

Parts engine SMD-21 harvester NIWA

On harvester NIWA establish a 4-stroke, four-cylinder diesel engine in which the cylinders are arranged in-line method, the liquid-cooled and neposr. fuel injection into the half-divided combustion chamber located in the piston, turbocharged.

Engine SMD-21 includes

  • crankcase,
  • cylinder
  • crank mechanism
  • mechanism timing
  • assembly power system unit fuel air
  • lubrication, cooling and release of
  • trigger

combustion chamber in the piston for diesel models SMD-21,22,22A deltoid shape (type TSNIDI). Applicable oil-cooled pistons. Because of this on-housing unit has 4 slots. with nozzles. At the outlet of injector nozzles, jet oil washes the bottom of the piston thereby cooling it. Camshaft 3 support actuated by the crankshaft via gear distribution wheels.

His TS includes filters coarse and fine scrapings fuel pump fuel from the regulator and the fuel-feed pump, fuel injectors, fuel pressure systems and the fuel tank. The air supply system includes subassemblies air filtration systems, turbocharger and the intake manifold. The exhaust system comprises an exhaust manifold, an exhaust pipe and muffler release noise.

lubrication system is combined with the oil sump in the bottom cover. Oil pressure falls on the most loaded parts and Sat. u, namely, the main and connecting rod bearings, crankshaft, camshaft bearings, on the details of the valve mechanism VT, a turbine, and nozzle for cooling the pistons. The remaining exposed surface of the friction of the engine are lubricated by splashing.

The lubrication system includes the oil pump maslopriomnikom, full-flow centrifuge, the oil filter and the radiator. PD and PD have independent gear lubricant.

Coolant liquid, forced type. The main aggregates of the cooling system - is the water pump together with the fan and radiator. For transmitting torque to the working bodies of the applied friction clutch is constantly closed type.

Also, diesel engines of this type equipped with gear pumps for hydraulic mechanisms. There are also seats for the oil pressure sensors, coolant temperature and oil pressure alarm.

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