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Parts Forage machines QRS-2.6

Maize carries cut corn stalks and supplying them to the chopping device. By working bodies include the reel, the cutting deck and a platform with a conveyor and dividers. Reel necessary liner stem of the cutting apparatus, and to support them with a cut after cut and laying on the conveyor. Welded onto the shaft 2 to the drive beams which are attached to tie rods which form the radial pentahedron, which set into the grooves with rays slats. This design makes it possible to change the diameter of the reel using

reel permutation rays with slats in the radial grooves 5 polyhedra. Using hangers fixed to the framework articulated manner with brackets fastened DOS. frame. Frame abut on 2 support lever pivotally connected with the platform of the header. The left support installed HC ascent and descent of the reel. The reel is enabled automatically during the transfer header from transport to working position and off during ascent header in transport position.

Cutting is designed mower type. When mezhryadyah 70cm cuts 4 row, 60 cm 5. The knife gets the drive crank mechanism, which is connected by cardan and chain drives with the main card. machine shaft. Chain-and-slat conveyor includes 4 endless chain dressed in Stars upper drive shaft and the sprocket and the lower drive shaft rollers.

The frame header formed platform with dividers and guide shoes. The platform is made with view of the welded tubes consisting of a frame on both sides bounded shields. the right end of the shield is a field divider having two options work - active and passive. Wild type splitter blade includes a frame and two segmental knife (active and passive).

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