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V-belts - it's endless rubber-normal section, are required to drive machines, industrial installations and agricultural machines, which operate at temperatures from minus 30 to plus 60 Celsius - for temperate and tropical climates and from - 60 to + 40 degrees Celsius - for cold and very cold climate. Used to transmit torque between the shaft of the mechanism or machine using pulleys. Working surface consider its lateral surface. Apply them in all kinds of industry

The types of V-belts:.

  • the normal section (classical)
  • Fan (generator)
  • wide (CVT)

also, there are ribbed, mnogorucheynye, ploskozubchatye and narrow drive.

The composition of the belt V

used several in the carrier layer kordtkani layers sequentially superimposed on each other or one cord layer. cord wound in a spiral. In accordance with this and emit belts kordshnurovye kordtkanevye. Kordshnurovye more izgibostoykie, and their life a little more. The design of the belt rubber mixture of the rubber layers used in stretching and compression, are respectively above and below the carrier layers. Layer wrapper of V-belts need to protect the side surfaces from wear and to impart improved integrity of the entire structure.

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