Parts clutch tractor UMZ-6

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ᐉ Clutch from Motor-Agro

Parts linkage for a tractor UMZ-6

On YuMZ give 6-2-disk, 2 streamed dry friction clutch constantly closed type. The clutch is in the housing includes a top part, which are connected to the crankshaft of the diesel engine and driven parts are connected to the shaft of gearboxes and drive PTO and the engine switched off its drive.

The structure of the clutch YUMZ- 6

The body by a partition in the middle part is divided into a front compartment with universal clutch mechanism and turn it off, and the rear compartment interacts with the body gearboxes and rear axle. In the rear compartment can be found coupler and PTO drive. The leading part of the coupling, which includes pressure plates, as well as the support wheels, located on the 3 leading diesel engine flywheel fingers and all of their time in a couple of turns with the flywheel. Support plate, in addition to the flywheel is attached by means of bolts 6. The driven coupling part comprising a main drive clutch and PTO clutch actuator drive, disposed directly on the splined shafts themselves. The shaft, in turn, is interconnected with the transmission, and the other shaft is directly driven PTO.

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