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Spare parts for engines D-108, D-130, D-160 tractor T-100, T-130, T-170

The D-108 is put on the tractor T-100M and essentially it is an improved CYA 100 with a similar arrangement. A distinctive feature is more efficient workflow during which the formation of a mixture of fuel and combustion occur located in the piston head (with 3 compression rings and 2 STEM) cell. The cylinder heads pressed into the bronze sleeve for loading the injector.

The design allows the fuel pump during a prolonged idling operation disable fuel supply sections for the 2nd and 3rd cylinders. In consequence of this section are not interchangeable with the sections. 1st and 4th cylinders.

The diesel injector are no pins gated with 5 spray holes. dia. 0.35 mm, located with a cone angle of 130 °. The nozzles are fixed by means of coupling dvuplechnyh levers. Start engine D-108 is carried out using P-23 with the electric PT-204. Other details and characteristics have not changed significantly compared with KMD-100.

The D-160

The power of this engine D-160 increased to 118 kW via pressurization (supply of fresh charge into the cylinder under pressure. turbocharger). Also increased the frequency of rotation of the crankshaft and the supply fuels. the cylinders. To balance the inertial forces of the 2nd order, increasing due to the increasing frequency of rot. Crankshaft for diesel D-160 pose is balanced. fur-gp. In addition, we introduced a number of new assembly. u and c m, which increased its technical and economic indicators in comparison with the D-108 is a multi-and coarse air cleaner with ejection Automatic. removal of dust, paper thin air cleaner cleaning flow oil centrifuge distance. with ma controls. and others. In turn, the D-160 is largely unified with the D-108, which is widely used in folk. households-ve considerably facilitating its use and repair.

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