Rear Axle

Spare parts for the rear axle of the tractor DT-75

The drums, shafts, bolts, carrier, bushings, rings, brackets, bands, gears, axles, anthers, satellites, glasses, seals, gears...

ᐉ Rear Axle from Motor-Agro

Spare parts for the rear axle of the tractor DT-75

It includes the main transmission, the planetary rotation mechanism brakes the sun gears and stopping brake (drive gear final drive). Rear axle movement mechanism is given from the checkpoint on the final transmission with increasing torque given off and is rotated either tractor braking. The housing is divided into three compartments, by solid partitions. The middle section is a main transmission with planetary rotation mechanism in the side - the sun gears and brake stopping brake

Lead (minor) bevel gear is made together with the secondary shaft CAT DT-75.. Driven, it is also the large gear is made in a ring attached by bolts to a flange of the ring gear of the planetary train. Between the driven gear and the ring gear flange gaskets are made of steel, which is regulated via the clearance bevel gear teeth. Shims look like a half-ring into the open slots. The consequence of this for their removal/installation is not necessary to completely unscrew the bolts. The ring gear is at the 2 x ball bearing outer race is pressed into a bore of the pinion. Inner yoke bearing cups are on the flanges which are attached to the tides Corp. partitions. rear axle.

The planetary gear rotation DT-75

Established in the ring gear. With it, it made possible to stop the rotation transmitting on one of the tracks, causing the rotation of the tractor is performed. Presented 2 complex gear-type transmissions, they are the same planetary gear. On the ring gear has an inner ring gear in constant mesh with the gears which are satellites that rotate on needle roller bearings. The satellites are directly on the axes of a 2-drove associated slots with rear axle shafts and through them with the respective drive gears final drive.

The cost drove 3 satellite. Satellites are as constant coupling gear teeth of the sun gears, which, if the brake is released the sun gear rotate in plain bearings placed in glasses. The DT-75 used tape floating type brake, which reliably inhibit in the case of the front as in the case and reverse. Band brakes the sun gears are made from woven asbestos linings and brake stopping using solid blocks.

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