Prefix for CCD 08 Sunflower

Parts for CCD-8 prefix for sunflower harvester

The shafts, sprockets, blades, gears, belts, gears, splines...

ᐉ Prefix for CCD 08 Sunflower from Motor-Agro

Spare parts for the console for sunflower CCD 08 Combine

The header CCD 8 is mounted on all Slavutich harvesters, Don-1500, CLAAS, John Deere, Case, Massey Ferguson, Top Liner, New Holland and et al.


  1. Filing stems occurs in the absence of tilt in the direction of channel setting and enables the header to operate at high speeds, increasing it produces.
  2. with the lack of longitudinal conveyors which deliver cut sunflower baskets on transverse auger increase the reliability of the CCD-8.
  3. The cut stalks is carried out smoothly and unstressed occurs via 2-circular blades, reducing losses and increasing the amount of the collected harvest. On these special knives used. grippers for applying the truncated baskets on the intake auger more smoothly.
  4. Hood channels configured with special boards which reduces spillage of the grains of the header.
  5. In order to avoid jamming of stems on the front panel fixed reflecting screens .

Characteristics CCD 8

  • the number of rows is eight pieces
  • row spacing -. 700mm
  • -component width 5600mm
  • header productivity - 5.6 m/h
  • header working speed up to 12 km/h
  • header mass is not more than 1,700 kg
  • header size (d * w * h) - 2600 * 6090 * 1480mm

Working speed CCD 8 consider speed up to 12 km/h.. Loss of seed thus constitute no more than 2%.

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