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Parts chopper PUN-5 harvester NIVA

It is necessary for the distribution or sharing hat straw with sex in 6 schemes:

  1. straw collection and chaff in Successive trailed capacity for up to 45 m³.
  2. Collect chopped or whole straw with sex in non-removable cling capacity, which is used as a stacker and unloaded using GS combine.
  3. The collection of chaff in replacement trailer and swath chopped or whole straw for the subsequent compilation of his forages or other machines.
  4. The collection of chaff into a trailer, and it spread to mulchirovki soil or plowing as fertilizer.
  5. Placing shredded or whole straw with sex in the roll, followed by the selection of his forages or other machines.
  6. Mulchirovka and fertilization chopped straw with gender to spreading mass.

The choice of technological scheme takes place, depending on climatic conditions and the specialization of the economy.

components and a device

Put on harvesters in place of a stacker end portion of the key shaker. It is a refining and transporting device, installed in the hood. It consists of a rotating drum with knives mounted in 6 rows and fixed shearbar. The conveying device includes a screw and a fan.

The principle of operation

Podroblennaya straw and chaff auger and fan are sent directly through conduit trailed container. Coupler enables a quick change of bogies. For spreading and storage of non-grain weight shredder complement trough spreaders and suzitelyami rolls.

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