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Spare parts for the brake system for UAZ 469

Brakes UAZ equipped with two independently functioning brake systems: the system of impellers hydraulic brakes and parking brake system of a power-operated

Brakes. work

The front brakes are equipped with two wheel cylinders, separately acting on the pads as opposed to the rear acting on both pads. Brake shield 469 th fixed with a knuckle on the cover of the gear wheel, and 469B on the pin of the knuckle. On the boards by means of support pins and the nuts 2 are fixed the wheel cylinder. On the bearing pin between the washers themselves under their heads, and the reference lugs wheel cylinders "dead" planted bronze cams, which rotate the brake pads. Supporting ends pad relative to a brake board shifted by turning the bearing bolts with eccentric

At the wheel cylinder has 2 holes: first it is necessary to supply the brake fluid from the drive system, and the second - for the release of air from the system in. while pumping; it closes the bypass valve seals in the folded position. Internal parts wheel cylinders are closed against moisture, dust and dirt by rubber caps. The brakes of the rear wheels 469 th and 469B differ only in the shape of shields.

Brake rear wheel

With one wheel cylinder on the two pads. Pistons, condense. ring and the other parts are similar to the front brakes. Below the brake shield fingers are bearing on the cat-s dress similar front Brk. adjusting bronzes. eccentrics refers. which blocks and sway. Rear brake pad lining shorter pads front pads. It is necessary to wear front and rear pads were equal. Drums themselves are identical for all wheels. Drums be fastened on the hub 3 of screws uniformly spaced around the circumference thereby providing a drum mounting hub only in one certain position, according to which the processing drum to the hub.

Hydraulic brake

The hydraulic service brakes UAZ-469 includes a brake pedal, GC, piping with connecting fittings and wheel cylinders.

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