Body GAZ-2410 and GAZ-3110

Parts of the body on the GAZ-2410 and GAZ-3110 "Volga"

Ignition locks, door locks, mirrors, heating radiators, handles Windows, speedometers, power windows, stops, torsion bars, cargo seals, gaskets glasses, wiper blades, electric heater...

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Spare parts to the body to GAZ-2410 and GAZ-3110 Volga

Body GAZ-24

Volga made a few modifications, gathering on the basis of 2 main types of body - sedan and wagon. Body differ externally layout inner part, the rear part of the structure as well as the seats. Touring comes behind large single door, which is suspended on two outer hinges with a horizontal axis.

Properties body Volga

On the basis of a 4-door sedan produced GAS-24 (general purpose) and the GAZ-24-01. Body with the seats in two rows. Behind there is a storage compartment, which contains the spare wheel and tools. Difference from GAS GAS-24-01-24 is the absence of a radio receiver and an internal drive to the left rear door lock, and the presence of the taximeter lantern "FREE." Body light green color; cause "Taxi" icon on the front door; Seat covers -. artificial leather

On the basis of wagon GAZ-24-02 produced and prepared for release sanitary GAZ-24-03. Spare wheel and tools in this body are in a special compartment behind, and are accessed through a special hatch regardless of the baggage location.

The body is made of metal, welded supporting structure, most of the boards and components of data bodies It is unified. The frame in the ordinary sense is absent. All loads that arise during movement perceives body, the frame of which is formed as a rigid welded system that amplifies the outside facing panels.

front on the body is short the sub-frame is required for mounting the motor, the front suspension and radiator. Frame is welded to the base body. Hind wings are also welded. The body is subjected to chemical corrosion treatment, namely fosfatirovke which forms on the metal surface layer of the water-insoluble phosphate compounds. Subsequently, the primer body elektroosazhdepiey ensures the formation of a smooth protective film on the exterior and interior surfaces.

in order to protect the coating from physical damage, as well as to create a thermal insulation, and sound insulation, the lower part of the body, including the floor, the inner surface of the wings , the inclined portion of the front shield, mud flaps, wheels, treated evenly special mastics №579 or №213 manually or spraying method. Mastic also it covers the inside of the doors and mudguards front and rear wings. The base body is coated inside a special vibration-damping mastic sheet.

Thermal and sound insulation of the body is increased by pasting on the inside of the outer door panels and the front shield honeycomb cardboard, and the roof is glued foam. Exterior Paint carried enamels high quality hot drying.

All glass curved shape, made of high strength of polished glass. Windshield and rear glass is mounted in the openings of the body from the outside using a rubber seal, with an underlying layer of sealing mastic.

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