Spare parts to the pick-up for combine harvester DON-1500

Bolts, shafts, bearings, sprockets, wheels, fingers, fabric, springs, clamps, chains, pulleys...

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Parts pick-harvester DON-1500

Provided dominance separate cleaning method on itself thresher hung platform baler which consists of draper-conveyor pick-platform with screw attachment as well as a drive mechanism and . 3.4 m wide capture platform

drum baler comprises: a drum-rays ring sidewall supporting shoes and the drive mechanism. The drum has two disks in the holes cat th are 4 axis. They are paired spring fingers that rotate between the ring-rays. On the pipes are located on the left cranks, rollers that rolled through the profiled track sidewalls. Because of this the fingers from below protrude due-rays rings capture stems, lift them onto the platform of the header and are then in a space under the ring upper part of the pick.

The speed of the web pick-up and the frequency of rotation of its drum is adjusted and change the variator reel. At high speed conveyor or drum speed and the low speed of the harvester happens gap roller and the ejection of the grain from the ears, and at small frequency and high speed stems themselves are unloaded in front of the pick-up.

The pickup must be placed so that the end of the finger slightly touched the soil surface and at the same time is full. They could capture the stalks, which lie directly on the ground. Adjust the position of the finger guide shoes headers.

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