Box ranges, bridges and leading steered wheels

Parts for box ranges bridges leading and the steered wheels for a harvester DON-1500

The beams, bolts, shafts, plugs, bushings, wheels, axles, half-line, springs, levers, gaskets, brakes, hinges , gears, pins, rods...

ᐉ Box ranges, bridges and leading steered wheels from Motor-Agro

Parts box ranges, bridges and leading the steered wheels Combine

the drive wheels Bridges DON-1500 is equipped with only a hydraulic drive. The bridge includes a beam box ranges, final drives with disk. brakes, the left axle, right axle, the coupling sleeve and the hydraulic motor. Hydraulic axial piston type enables infinitely variable regulate speed combine to limit any ranges boxes.

ranges wheel includes a housing assembly with the shafts, gears, differential and bearings range switching mechanism, a speed sensor, ELECTRO starting the engine and r/u lock. Movable gears allow the inclusion of one of the 3 bands to move the combine forward or backward.

range switching mechanism includes a housing, Bldg. locking shift rods, shift forks, lever, toggle roller, clamps, etc.. parts. Lock simultaneous switching of bands - one at a stock beads incorporated short other rod in a neutral position. Blocking by self-switching - switching of one of the rods can only be on condition pressed pedal lock hydraulic drive. immobilizer - when the range of the plunger presses the ball of the switch, which opens the electric circuit of the engine start-up

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