The main type of modern tractor engine is a 4-stroke diesel engine, since it has high torque at low speed and high efficiency. Microlight tractor mounted petrol engines, and particularly powerful - gas turbines. Also, there are machines with electric motors for indoor use

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On tractors class to 1 m widely used diesel engines with air cooling without power boost to 50 hp They have a simple device, cheap, and do not require high quality fuels and lubricants, and compact. Disadvantages - the complexity of adjusting the heat mode, the high noise level and a large loss of energy to the fan drive. The heavy tractors are used with liquid-cooled diesel

main part of the core engine -. Crankcase (iron alum or casting complex shapes.). It combines the cylinder liners, bearings, crankshaft and timing details of support. Below by crankcase lower half is fixed and supports the crankshaft is locked oil poddonom.Speredi drive timing and other s-m. Rear crankcase Port. the crankcase transmission assemblies.

Air cooled usually no single crankcase. Cylinders are separate, removable from the outside of the radiator fins to improve heat dissipation. In the cylinder head there are valves and other details of the timing, the channels for the exchange of gases as well as places for planting fuel injectors. In addition, the cylinder head combustion chamber may be separated and unseparated types. Cylinder heads with Air. OHL. individual, with external cooler, in the case of liquid. Cooling. common to several cylinders with channels for circulation inside OHL. liquid.

Crank fur-gp due to the fact that the tractor engine boost, regardless of the speed, and on Wed. pressure cycle, pistons must take large loads on the gas pressure and inertial force smaller in comparison with vehicles. Because of this, the pistons is produced from cast iron or of aluminum. In high-power diesel pistons forcedly cooled oil. Crankshafts polnoopornye which means they have a bearing on each radical neck. As supports used sliding bearings are lubricated under pressure. The most common tselnokovannye steel crankshafts, although there are, though rarely teams.

Location cylinder in-line or V-shaped. In-line use in tractors, since they need to have a small width for work between rows. On the other widely used V-type diesel engine, due to the fact that they are smaller in-line and have shorter rigid crankshaft. For typical tractor mechanism in which the valves located in the cylinder head, and in turn the camshaft in the crankcase, the transfer unit Motion. rods and rocker arm. This scheme makes it easier to drive the camshaft, and the disadvantage is considered a great inertia.

On the tractor diesel engines usually combined with ma lubrication.

is used for cooling the oil radiator or blown surface air with ribs oil pans or tanks. air supply system must be cleaned so the quality of its multi-cleaners are used. Also supplied turbocharged, which greatly increases the power at low frequencies rot. In addition, the use of adjustable. turbocharger gives the post. powerful. a large Range. frequency rot. They are also referred to as engines post. powerful. (DPM).

The fuel system includes a fuel filter, priming the pump, fuel pump, injectors with a regulator. E. a-ma on new tractors dispenses fuel supply taking into account the Actual. filling the cylinder air quantity and tend edited. engine load, speed and traction force of the tractor, as well as a number of other factors. Start produce diesel with an electric starter, PD; compressed air (DET-250) or a manual actuator rabotayuschimot starter inertia.

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