Headers ZHVN-6

header replacements ZHVN-6 ZHVO, ZHRB-4.2

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ᐉ Headers ZHVN-6 from Motor-Agro

Spare parts for harvester ZHVN-6 ZHVO, ZHRB-4.2, combines the Yenisei, Niva, Siberian

Roller mounted cutterbar make it possible not only to separate collection cereals, but also laying the stems in rolls. The technique can be used in a variety of areas with different climate conditions. ZHVN-6 can be used as prokoschika, obkoschika, and for the purpose of laying in swaths stems. The advantages ZHVN-6 can be attributed good performance, strong swath, facilitating the work of machine, cutting machine type "Schumacher".

TTX header ZHVN-6

  • The working width is - 6 m
  • The maximum speed of 12 km/h
  • cutting height ranges from 7 to 20 cm
  • Width platform ranges from 107 -th to the 125 cm
  • weighs 1065 kg.

is completed reel with improved protivonamotochnoy technology to completely eliminate winding vegetation. It built on a reinforced frame, side walls and beams cutting device, making it possible to increase the service life and reliability of the device and reduce the minimum yield loss. Hung on the Yenisei harvesters Niwa, Siberian.

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