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Parts engine D-37 and D-144 for the tractor T-40

on the tractor T-40 set the 4-cylinder 4-stroke diesel engine with an air-cooled D-37 or D- 144 (according to some D-37e). Power diesel D-37 is 37 hp, and diesel engines D-144 is 50 hp Starting is performed by using the electric starter or PD8

Engine consists of:. Allocation mechanism, a crank mechanism, the air supply system and fuel oil system, cooling system, and the starting device

left. fuel injection equipment is installed, the inlet and outlet pipes and the middle baffle. Right drive mechanism are decompressor, butyric centrifuge, generator, starter, or PD, nozzles and the fan shroud. The oil cooler is located under the hood. Front filler neck is present, a fan, hour meter, hydraulic pump, fan drive pulleys and alternator. Behind directly attached to the crankcase flywheel casing.

Adjust tractor mode fuel T-40

adjustment mode fuel produced via a throttle disc which confront protecting the fan grid and the oil cooler. When it is cold outside the oil cooler must be disconnected from the oil system, and set the throttle to drive three pins before the protective mesh of the fan and secure with the wing nuts of the three. With an air temperature of + 5 ° C or more oil cooler should be included in the system, and remove the disk and sent to storage.

Control the heat status. Engine according produce readings remote thermometer that indicates the temperature of the oil in the lubricating system. To start the system applies an electric starter or PD, candles heating the intake air and the decompression mechanism. Blow occurs through the vapor tube attached to the housing HS drive pump.

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