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The sleeves, cylinders, door locks, mirrors, faucets, pillows, repair kits, handles, levers, speedometers, speedometer cables, rods, glass seals...

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Body ZIL-130

For the body include: driver's cab, hood trim, the wings of the front wheels, mudguards rear wheels and a platform for of goods, having the structure regardless of the transported goods. It made of sheet steel and comprises two doors and seat. The cabin is set all controls and equip it visors, wipers with washers. The platform has flaps which are connected to the floor by means of hinges. The sides of the closed position are interconnected by means of locking devices. The platform floor is collected on 2 several longitudinal and transverse bars. The longitudinal beams are fixed ladders on the vehicle frame.

Under the platform is a large tool box and small are under the seat. On the front and rear boards put signal svetotootrazhateli. Depending on the purpose the body can produce the following variations: tipper, elongate, high-sided, tilt either in the form of a closed box body comprising a refrigeration unit or without it

Cab Zil-130

<. p> Made of closed type, with three places, two-door. Indoor welded prefabricated cabin housing major components such as a side panel, roof panel, rear and top panels and frame. Rigidity of the panels is achieved by the use of ribs of different shapes: in the cab frame - box-shaped closed cross-section, which are formed by connecting panels after welding, the roof - domed its form

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