Spare motor tractor models T-150, T-151K, T-156

Cylinder blocks, shafts, rollers, bearings, bushings, screws, valves, gears, headers, caps, piston rings , STEM rings, sealing rings, compressors, housings, brackets, covers, gears, cam, pumps, shafts, pins, nozzles, pistons, gaskets, repair kits, gaskets, valve saddles. crackers valve, the valve plate, control cables, exhaust pipes, pipes to a filter, filters, flanges, washers, rods, gears, pulleys, rods, bars, ejectors...

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Parts engine for tractor models of T-150, T-151K, T-156

powerplant T-150K, T-157, T-158 are SMD engines. Engine SAM-62 to give exclusively wheeled tractor T-150K, SMD-68 on trelerovochny tractor T-157, RMA-68D T-158. Diesel four-cycle, six-cylinder, V-shaped, with the cooling liquid, as well as direct injection of fuel in an open type combustion chamber, which in turn is located in the piston, turbocharged and SMD-62A, SMD-63A - intercooling the charge-air. The composition of the diesel engine enters crankcase, two cylinder head, crank mechanism assembly units and components of the fuel supply system, units systems supply air, lubrication and cooling, and exhaust output and starter.

Start diesel SMD-62A, SMD-62 occurs directly by means of the starting motor P-350 along with gear 350.12.010.00 with remote control directly to the driver. Start the diesel engine SMD-63, SMD-63A in turn by the electric DC ST-142G.

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