Parts on stacker for harvester NIVA

The shafts, bushings, sprockets, bottom fingers stacker, crackers shaft, pulleys...

ᐉ Harvester-stacker from Motor-Agro

to stacker forage harvester NIWA

stacker necessary for forming stacks grain part of the crop and is formed by a bottom, a valve upper chamber the ceiling and the side walls. In order to more fully utilize stacker chamber cavity equipped solomonabivatelem straw seals and for sealing polovonabivatelem chaff. Their drive takes place via a chain drive from the rear counter. To control kopnielem in semiautomatic or automatic cycles serve as a mechanism for discharging the stacks, slam-discharging device, with automatic hydro-ma closing valve and the bottom as well as an electric switch.

is a bottom stacker turntable portion cat- oh it is made in the form of finger bars. Hydro-automatic stacker system includes a hydraulic cylinder 2 and the closing valve lift bottom, distributor, sensors unloading stacks, pipe system, the switching mechanism switches the control valve and the abutment bar linkage. It is a hydraulic valve on the left of the mill. Slam-discharging device is necessary for protection against overloads stacker mechanisms. Upon reaching the stated podpressovanosti straw weight or stop the drive mechanism due to ingress of external objects mane unloaded automatically.

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