Engine GAZ-2410 and GAZ-3110

Spare parts for the engine ZMZ-4022.10 on GAZ-2410 and GAZ-3110 "Volga"

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Spare parts for engines for GAZ-2410 and GAZ-3110 Volga

A precondition for the birth of the engine light ZMZ 4022.10 with a pre- combustion chamber jet ignition in the "gas" was the mass production of similar motors Japanese automaker "Honda" in 1972, which is able to bypass the priority of the Soviet patent. Domestic engine was designated GAZ-4022.10. Unlike GAS-24D served new cylinder head with the other gas channels complement. small inlet valves required prechamber, air intake system tuned release, increasing the valve lift and upgraded camshaft.

addition under active engine developed carburetor K-156 updated construction, distributor, new engine cooling similar system a motor-me VAZ-2101, a water pump is placed in the cylinder block. These were the first engines with air filters used in which the paper filter element. After that, the documentation for the production has been transferred ZMZu that already in 1981 he let them go in the series, but under his own name - ZMZ-4022.10

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