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The header PSP-10

A unique header is needed to clean cleaning unit to combine all areas of its vozdelki. Description: The type of header - mounted, working width of 6 meters, rows - eight. Necessary for sunflower harvesting. It provides slice vymolotku seeds of baskets, piles of separation, assembly cleaned. . Seeds in the hopper and grinding threshed baskets and their spread across the field

as constructive osob.yavlyaetsya that stems divider has the ability to work in 2 positions to reduce the cutting height during cleaning undersized varieties; also the presence of spacers totally eliminates the need of substitutions drive sprocket in the feeder housing, thereby reducing the time of aggregation, and increased sidewall and a windshield screen baskets are impossible to transfer therethrough, thereby reduce the losses; hinge fastening dividers stems and exclude their premature failure during arrivals on the obstacle, allowing not to reduce the speed of collecting low-growing varieties on the uneven terrain.

Characteristics PSP-10

  • Performance under conditions yield 20 quintals/hectare is 6.5 tons per hour
  • Working speed believe 5 - 9 km/hr
  • Row spacing is 700 mm
  • 1800 kg Weight
  • header Size (L * W * H): 2780 * 5760 * 1390 mm
  • seed loss is not more than 2.5%
  • smallest cutting height is 600 mm
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