Power supply system, cooling, lubrication and exhaust gases

Spare power supply, cooling, lubrication and exhaust gases MTZ-80, MTW-82 and MT-1221

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ᐉ Power supply system, cooling, lubrication and exhaust gases from Motor-Agro

Parts with Istemi power, cooling, lubrication and release gas for tractors MT-80, MT-82 and MT-1221

Engine lubrication system MTZ - used a combined system lubrication: some parts lubricated under pressure, through the rest of the oil spray. The cylinder block has a longitudinal oil passage from which the transverse channels of the oil flows to the main bearings and the camshaft bearing journal. By pressurized pump NS lubricated bearings, crankshaft and camshaft, an intermediate gear sleeve and gear fuel pump and a valve drive mechanism. Splash lubricated pump drive cam camshaft, piston pins, piston and sleeve.

is the engine cooling water, a forced circulation of water. The power supply system includes two parts - the air supply to the engine and fuel system. Fuel pump motors to D-240 and D-240L mounted chetyrehplunzherny UTN-5, which is on the left and through the timing gears driven by the crankshaft. Compressor drive pneumatic trailer brake actuator occurs via the small gear drive UTN crown-5.

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